To anon

To the anon who messaged me with their problem - I am so so sorry but I’ve only just seen your message and I’m dropping asleep fast!

I’ll respond properly tomorrow

I really need to splurge all this out to someone, I can’t cope with nobody being awake in the house to listen to me gushing about how amazing today was

Best best best best first date ever. Arghhh I really REALLY like this guy you guys!

"Breakfast Pasta" from the #ExtraEasyExpress book with bacon, eggs, tomato, spring onion 0% fat fromage frais and Parmesan - #synfree on Extra Easy if using the Parmesan as your #hexB - was soooo tasty!
#SlimmingWorld #SW
Talking to someone about favourite artists today and was reminded of the ever wonderful works of Wassily Kandinsky. I could look at his paintings all day ❤️
  • Me: It's just been one of those days
  • Me: It's just been one of those weeks
  • Me: It's just been one of those months
  • Me: It's just been one of those years
  • Me: It's just been one of-
  • Me: It's just-
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: LIFE. It's just LIFE

by: Erik Mandre


early morning sun in belligen, nsw, australia.

Nepal Trekking the Annapurna Circuit by Kelsey Austin Walsh


*jokes about making out with you until it actually happens*



Adirondack State Park, New YorkAdam Baker
YES YES YES A HUNDRED TIMES YES. Even though I’ve lost almost a stone now since finishing uni, it feels so great to finally reach a milestone within #SlimmingWorld !! Just gotta keep it up now, I want my stone and a half award for Christmas! Definitely doable, it’s just over 1lb a week :) Focus focus focus!
Batch-cooking bolognese/chilli con carne for my lunches at work in an attempt to lower my bread consumption. Back on it this week, no excuses!